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Our company producing and selling Steel Roofing, Ceiling Joint, Batten, Bubble Foil, Corrugated Steel Sheet, Partition Frame, Polycarbonate and other accessories.


Steel Roof Deck

JCH metal roofing is manufactured with the most advanced technology and it is roll formed in standard 0.28mm - 0.48mm TCT. When used as wall cladding or fencing, the trapezoidal ribs can be run horizontally or vertically by cirtue of its light weight.

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GDEK Steel Roof Deck

Metal Long Span for Roofing

JCH Steel manufactures delicate square fluted profile. The extended flute gives the profile its strength with long spanning capabilitis. The Span profile has 7 trapezoidal ribs that matches modernity and versatility in architectural appeal, yet highly functional.

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GSPAN Metal Long Span

Curved Roofing Sheets

A gentle approach to pending profiled sheets smoothly to handle previously impossible curves. This unmatched design flexibility allows architects and designers the freedom to create a wide range of unusual contours and individual shapes for facades, canoples and other building details.

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GCURVE Curved Roofing Sheets

Metal Ceiling Panel

GPANEL is a premium pre-painted steel strip ceiling panel system. This system has been designed and developed for applications in virtually every type of commercial, institutional, and residential buildings. GPANEL uses premium 55% Al-Zn Alloy Coated Steel as the standard base metal, together with a wide selection of colors coated from Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia.

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GPANEL Metal Ceiling Panel

Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheets

CAP LEMBU is a type of corrugated steel that has a greater tensile strength and running perpendicular to the grooves. The corrugated grooves can increase the metal sheets' water-shedding properties, making it desirable for both roof and siding applications.

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CAP LEMBU Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheets

Aluminium Bubble Insulation Foil

3 layers aluminum foil heat insulation wrap consists of pure aluminum film bonded to a layer of bubbles, Buffalo FOIL is a high cost performance choice. The combination of the aluminium reflective foil layers and the small bubble foil give excellent insulation effect.

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Buffalo Aluminium Bubble Insulation Foil

Roofing Fasteners & Screws

With a variety of types of product and good quality, GSTEKS FASTERNERS provide you the best solution for fastening different kinds of roofing structures. Made of hardened carbon steel with corrosion coating, the screws offer strong pullout strength to hold the roofing sheets and ceiling panels. GSTEKS FASTERNERS has the excellent quality for general exterior and interior construction.

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GSTEKS Roofing Fasteners & Screws

Lipped C Channel

GLipped Channel are versatile and econonical and require minimal maintenance throughout the life span of building. They are ideas as supports for wall cladding and roofing and as structure frame for buildings.

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Glipped Lipped C Channel

Steel Batten

Batten comes with two thickness which are 35mm and 40mm.

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Gbatten Steel Batten

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Leading manufacturer of roll formed metal roofing and finished products for the buildings and construction in East Malaysia. We are a company that take seriously on brand quality and services, which is the main mission of JCH Steel.

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